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I’m reading the reactions on what mozilla just announced about the future of Thunderbird, on twitter. Most people are reading what we are saying as Thunderbird just died and was axed. I’ve replied to a few but I thought that a longer reply would explain more by a lengthy post than a bunch of 140 char tweets.

Like Mike, I work on the Thunderbird Team, I do Quality Control. And like mike I don’t read the announcement the end of Thunderbird. The plan is to release 14, 15, 16 before we release 17 and with 17 we plan on starting our new way of supporting Thunderbird. After 17 is release the plan is to allocate less work time on Thunderbird - ie I spend 100% of my work time on the product - on a weekly basis, and a bit more around release time. I’m not the only one who is going to end up like that. Effectively it means that we won’t have the time to work on specking, developing and testing new features.

New features will have to be discussed, developed and tested by our community with our help for organizing things. How exactly things will work ? I don’t know, and we are starting a discussion on the tb-planning mailing list to figure things out. Now is the time to jump in that conversation and help us shape how Thunderbird will go on.

We’ll also need a lot more help in the following areas : Quality, support, development and docs. If you ever thought about contributing but never found good reasons, now is the time to rethink about it :-)

Joshua who’s been contributing for a few years is also giving his thoughts.

Jb my current boss is giving his thoughts too.