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We’ve just released another beta of Thunderbird. We are now in the middle of the release cycle until the next major version is released to our millions of daily users. (we’ve fixed 200+ bugs since the last major release (version 24)). We currently have less than 1% of our users - using the beta and that’s not enough to catch regressions - because Thunderbird offers mail, newsgroups and rss feeds we can’t cover the usage of our user base. Also many companies out there sell extensions for spam filtering, for virus protection and so forth. The QA community just doesn’t have the time to try all these and run these with Thunderbird betas to find issues.

And that’s where you dear reader can help. How you might ask well here is a list of examples of how you can help :

  • Use the beta yourself it’s downloadable at
  • spread the word by sharing this with your friends
  • you are a reps ? make this post available in your language ….
  • You help on a support forum - link to the beta download page explaining why it’s important to have more users on beta
  • You work for a vendor that sell a product that integrates in Thunderbird ? Qualify your product with the beta so when we ship final we both won’t get surprises.
  • Your company uses Thunderbird ? Setup a small group of beta users and gather the bugs, issues and let us know.

If you find issues let us know either thru bugzilla or thru the support forums, so we can try to address them.

ps the current download page says English only because of a bug in our build infrastructure for windows. Linux and Mac builds are available localized.

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