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This year I attended a full fosdem, after missing it last year and  only having 1/2 fosdem the two years before. This year I attended more than a couple of talks outside of the mozilla room. I also helped setting up the Mozilla booth on the fist day.

Mozilla booth being setup at fosdem

I attended the keynote, how we found 10 millions errors in wikipedia - which turned about being only 1 millions with false positive. Overall a great presentation of the LanguageTool a nice grammar checking tool written in java. They have an extension for firefox/thunderbird that will let you grammar check after spell checking is done. Also they have a recent change pages for wikipedia so anyone can check grammar error in “realtime” on wikipedia. Last but not least they where looking for help to provide the tool in JS instead of Java.

Next I went to the mozilla room to get updates on Fennec, and how the google summer of code worked. Basically very interesting numbers.

I then on listen to a talk about scaling dovecot:

at the dovecot talk at fosdem

Very very interesting. Of course I asked what the shittiest client was. The answer was Thunderbird , because it tries to implement more. After the talk I went and asked Timo Sirainen if he could give me a list of such bugs. The answer was search for my name in bugzilla.  My bugzilla fu being what it is I was of course unable to find any bugs :(

The next talk I listen to was also about email, but postfix this time - very very nice and informative about spam, and how to scale for spam. Full of interesting data.

My turn to talk came. You’ll find the slides here.

Sunday was less busy. I loosely listen to a talk about OTR, a good talk from the people at kaltura on HTML5 nad the video tag. I say very interesting because the lack of a file format standard really complicate things.

I then went on the largest PGP signing party. Will only sign 91 keys cause I had to go before the end.

Last but not least, ipv6 support was very strong on the fosdem network. Next year it will be full v6 only.

I took a bunch of pictures with my phone as I wanted to travel light with out my heavy Camera.

Update : Of course someone from #tb-qa with the proper bugzilla foo gave me the list of dovecot bug related.