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I’m organizing a pgp Keysigning party in the Mozilla san francisco office on September the 26th 2014 from 6PM to 8PM.

For security and assurances reasons I need to count how many people will attend. I’ve setup a eventbrite for that at (please take one ticket if you think about attending - If you change you mind cancel so more people can come).

I will use the eventbrite tool to send reminders and I will try to make a list with keys and fingerprint before the event to make things more manageable (but I don’t promise).

For those using lanyrd you will be able to use tweet the event to get more people in).

On march 25th 2014 I’m organizing a pgp key signing party in the Mozilla London office after working hours.

If you value privacy and email you should probably attend. In order to organize the meeting I need to know the number of participants , for that I’m requesting that people register using eventbrite.

For thos who don’t know how pgp key signing party work you should read this

GPG/PGP is a open protocol aimed at encrypting , digitally signing emails and other documents. Unlike S/Mime - GPG is not centralized , it doesn’t rely on one entity to manage the trust factor - it relies on users to build a web of trust.

A Signing party is build and design to build the web of trust. To build it amongst mozillians , there will be 3 signing parties during the summit. One in Santa Clara, one in Toronto and one in Bruxelles (excuse the the spelling, but can’t spell it the non french way :-)).

Otto will organise the one in Brussels, Bogomil in Toronto and I will manage the one in Santa clara.

for now if you think about participating - make sure you have a key. We’ll send out more details later. as we sort them out.

From Patrick the maintainer of enigmail :

Hash: SHA256

Hi everyone

I was recently contacted by several maintainers of Linux distributions
asking me how I would support Thunderbird ESR releases.

The current official Enigmail version working with Thunderbird 10 ESR
is 1.4.0. My intention is to release new versions of Enigmail only for
the most recent stable versions of Thunderbird. If new severe and/or
security related bugs are fixed, I will backport them to the latest
official version for the ESR releases (i.e. currently the 1.4.0 branch).

If this will happen, I will send an email to the Enigmail mailing
list; in addition will contact the recipients of this email. If you
know of other people I should inform, or if you do not wish to receive
such emails, then please let me know.

- -Patrick
Version: GnuPG/MacGPG2 v2.0.17 (Darwin)
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