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In a a few weeks it will be Fosdem week-end. Something I’ve been attending since 2004.

This year I’d like to tell people that care about email privacy that fosdem has the biggest pgp key signing party in Europe. If you use pgp, or gnupg you might want to join the party.

To do so you’ll need to register before the 30th of January and follow the detailed instructions at .

update: People are sending plenty of keys it’s going to be a great event.

And are not too far away from Brussels, Belgium , consider attending the biggest pgp signing party in Europe this February. Instructions ans details are written here :¬†

Always wanted to understand what cryptography is ? how to make your communications secured this guide explains everything very nicely.

A nice project, worth giving a few bucks at

This picture is shows websites that are tracking my browsing habits. I browsed four or 5 websites and got tracked by 20. Scary !

Want to try it for yourself , run Firefox and install the Collusion extension.